Job Categories

1. Food industry (food and beverages)

2. Carpet and Flooring

3. Fashion and fashion (men, women and children)

4. Medical and veterinary (medicine and equipment)

5. Machine tools (industrial, agricultural and road construction)

6. Bank and insurance (financial and investment)

7. Knowledge Based Enterprises

8. Furniture industry (household, office and urban)

9. Cosmetics

10. Gold and jewelry (design and construction)

11. Construction (goods and decoration)

12. Packaging Industries (Design, Printing and Packaging)

13. Automotive industry (spare parts, fuel and accessories)

Contact Information

Tell: 711 14 365 (051)

Public relations: 9985 815 0935

Head Office:Unit 37, 3rd FloorShadow Tower,after Razavi Hospital,Asian Highway,Mashhad, Iran

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