Sponsors of the Arevik exhibition in 2019


The first private exhibition of Iranian brands

In order to expand the export of Iranian products and the entry of foreign currency into the country as well as the acquisition of new international markets, with the holding of the first private and specialized exhibition of CIS countries in Armenia, we will take a new step in this direction and with a new style of Iranians to be present in the field. As well as knowing about the sales culture in the region with the support of the Armenian government, the Yerevan Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Armenia, we have been organizing the first marketing and branding campaign for the top Iranian brands in the Eurasia region

Exhibition of Arevik 2019

Arevik exhibition plan 2019

Open space and open space with one way visitor, for ease of viewing all the pavilions are as follows

first floor

The path is one-way

The area of the booth is 9 to 70 square meters

The total area of the stands on the first floor is 788 square meters

Ground Floor

The path is one-way

The area of the pavilion is from 8 to 42 square meters

The total area of the pavilions on the ground floor is 339 square meters

the area


The area of the pavilions is 9 and 12 square meters

The total area of the pavilions is 228 square meters

Contact Information

Tell: 711 14 365 (051)

Public relations: 9985 815 0935

Head Office:Unit 37, 3rd FloorShadow Tower,after Razavi Hospital,Asian Highway,Mashhad, Iran

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