Armenia at a glance

Armenia, with the official name of the Republic of Armenia, is a country in the southern Caucasus to the capital Yerevan ...

Armenian language

Armenians believe that the role of the Armenian language in preserving Armenian culture and identity has been much more than a normal language. For centuries, the loss of national sovereignty has been the only church's role in Armenian language and culture, which guaranteed the survival of the Armenian nationality, and made it possible for this nation to survive its tumultuous and tumultuous history.

Armenian history

Prior to 1454, Armenia was a wealthy kingdom with a rich culture, which, at some point in time, involved all the lands between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea ...

Armenian currency

Armenian drama is the currency of Armenia. The word drum itself has entered the Armenian language from the Middle Persian dram. The Middle Persian, borrowed the term from the Greek word for Drama

Geography of Armenia

The territory of Armenia with an area of 29800 square kilometers is located in the southwest of the Caucasus region, and is located a short distance from the southeastern shores of the Black Sea, and is spreading like a belt between the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the one hand and the republics of Azerbaijan and Georgia on the other.

Armenia is a land of high mountains and a magnificent natural fortress whose fences range from the plain to the Caucasus to the Anatolian Plateau and from the Black Sea to the Mesopotamia plain. In this land of mountains such as Pontic and Thoros, there are tall volcanic peaks such as Ararat and great rivers such as Aras, Euphrates, Tigris, Kyr or Kura. The lakes of the land were Van, Swan, Kari and Eigur.

This territory consists of a series of plain plains, all of which are located at high altitudes of the sea, and their area is limited, but very fertile. Yerevan is the most important and widest plain that has been the main center of Armenia throughout history, its capitals, such as Artaxata, Dinin, Hymiazine and Yerevan, are in this plain. The very cold winter, the geographical location and the natural shape of this land caused the conquerors to always fail to dominate the land from the northern and southern roads.

Armenia is one of the neighboring countries in northern Iran, where a large number of Iranians travel through the air and land borders each year to experience a not-so-foreign journey. This country has attractions that Armenians value very much for. But in order to make you feel like a traveler in Armenia and have a safe trip, it's worth mentioning a few points that we will tell you in this article to make your trip calm and relaxing. We are reviewing:

Land or air?

The answer to this question depends on your circumstances. If your comapny is busy and there is no hasty return to Iran, and of course the cost of traveling is expensive for you, it's better to go on the ground. If you do not have much time to travel to Yerevan, you have to go to Armenia with air flights, which, of course, costs more on your hands, but there is a special offer for traveling to Armenia; go by train from Tehran to Jolfa, from there you can easily ride Arrived at the border of Armenia. If you do not have a problem with your exit and passport, you are in Armenia in the same eye. There are a lot of cars beyond Yerevan. Some of these riders are Mercedes-Benz. If your number is more than 3, this model will cost you a 100% cheaper bus. Due to the hard road in Yerevan, this section is difficult to get by bus, but the gas that their drivers traverse once a day will quickly send you to Yerevan. We suggest you rest here. Armenia has attractions that the Armenians value very much for

Where do we stay?

You can book a hotel for rent in Yervan as well. Apartments in Yerevan with parquet flooring are furnished and clean. In the same proportion as you are, there is also a two-bedroom single bedroom! Keep in mind a few tips for renting a home; they will not rent you home for less than 3 nights. When renting your holidays, go to Harrafar, the city center of Yerevan. Some areas of Yerevan are deprived of urban drinking water. Check this out so there is no need to give you mineral water during your stay. The city of Ajimeysin is the fourth largest city in Armenia and one of the attractions of this country

Where to look?

Now that you have come to this trip this summer, take advantage of the attractions like Swan Lake, which is one hour from Yerevan. Yerevan is a beautiful city with many churches and cars of the day, and of course old cars dating back to communism. Armenians are gentle and different people. Armenia has enough attractions to entertain you for a few days; the spectacular church of Gghar, 35 km south-east of Yerevan. The tourist city of Jarmuk with its beautiful nature and clean air and sparkling water springs are our next suggestion. The valley valley is located 50 km northeast of Yerevan city with a lush and mountainous nature, dipped in beautiful flowers and plants in the summer, and is covered with snow in the winter. Lake Swan is one of the world's largest freshwater lakes. The area of this lake is 940 square kilometers. Suvan is one of the most important ecotourist centers in Armenia. Hannabradin Hraparagag, Holy Gray Greeks Church, the Opera Gosgade Building, known as the Mill Stairs and the Aichiyatzin Church, are the survivors of the Urantian Fortress and the Arboni Castle, among other sights of the city. Suvan is one of the most important eco-tourism centers in Armenia

If you travel to this city by plane, you will be taken to Yerevan via Zwartnots Airport. The Zwartnets International Airport is approximately 14 miles from the city center, the Opera Square; there is a taxi available for the city, and a bus. But since the cost of a taxi is not very expensive, the best option for traveling from the airport and even within the city for long routes are taxis that bring the passenger to the final destination. For inland routes there are also no great places to visit. It is a clean and well-kept city that you would like to walk most of the streets, but if there was a long way, there would be subway, bus and minivans.

Milad celebrations in Armenia

Armenians celebrate the feast from the afternoon of January 5th with the ritual ceremony, and then lit their candles with a large lamp of the church and bring home. With this candle, they promise the birth of Christ to all. The following day, the special baptism ceremony of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River is repeated, and people are taking this water to the sanctuary this time. Christians believe that this water heals the sick and psychological pests. The seventh day of January will commemorate the al-Qa'idah, and then the sanctuary will be started by the clergy. During the celebrations of the year, the clerical authorities go to all their religious communities and meet with their family members. This event was forgotten during the Soviet rule in Armenia and is now being restored. Clerics meet at the homes of believers annually twice during the pilgrimage and resurrection. The clergy will also visit their workplace on request and make special prayers. The Feasts of the Birth and Gospel of Jesus Christ and the New Year are celebrated on the thirteenth of January, with the ceremony of the infant Jesus giving birth to the church and its name.

There are three ways to go to Armenia, so we plan to pay you the travel costs of all three methods.

If you want to travel to Armenia with your own car, you need to have an international certificate and a Kabotage to travel to Armenia, and you must also have a relative familiar with the road and road, and the cost of international certification and Kabotage. In addition to the cost and money of gasoline, you should also look for an apartment or hotel.

If you do not have a cabotage or international certificate, you can travel to Jolfa with your own car, park your car at the 24-hour Jalga Parkenig, and use the inter-city taxi to reach the borderline. After crossing the border between Iran and Armenia, travel to Armenia through Yerevan.

If you do not have a cabotage or international certificate, you can travel to Jolfa with your own car, park your car at the 24-hour Jalba Parkenig, and use an intercity taxi to reach the borderline. After crossing the border between Iran and Armenia, travel to Armenia through Yerevan.

If you are planning to travel by bus, it is not bad to know that every 12th day of the day, the buses to Armenia depart from the Azadi and Beyagh terminals and after about 24 hours they will take passengers at Yerevan Terminal. It is approximately 1215 kilometers from Tehran to the borderline.

The final and expensive journey is also air travel. In this way, it can be reached in Armenia instead of 24 hours in the 1.5 hour route. The cost of this trip is from about two million and five hundred thousand dollars to three million per person. Of course, if you are looking for five star hotels, you should leave about $ 4 million for each person. Perhaps one of the best ways to travel to Yerevan is to buy airline tickets and lease daily furnished apartments.

List of Prohibited Goods to the Republic of Armenia

1. Weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment, spare parts and components for the manufacture of weapons, clothing and military apparel.

2- Drugs and drugs, drugs and drugs that use it to exert severe psychological effects and the necessary means for the use of drugs and drugs.


Notes: Import of the items mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 only by the Government of the Republic of Armenia is subject to special regulations.

List of goods forbidden from transit of their soil to the Republic of Armenia:

1. Types of weapons, ammunition, military equipment, spare parts and components required for the manufacture of weapons, and explosives.

2. Atomic materials, ionizing radiation sources.

3. Toxins, opiate drugs, substances that use it to produce severe psychological effects in humans, equipment for the use of opium and cannabis. Notes: The transit of goods and materials above the soil of the Republic of Armenia is subject to the permission of the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

List of goods that are prohibited from exporting to the Republic of Armenia:

1. Types of weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment, spare parts and components for their construction, clothing and military apparel.

2. Drugs and drugs, substances and drugs that use it to cause severe psychological effects in humans, medicine, medical supplies.

3-Debt securities invalid.

4. Artistic and antique objects representing the historical heritage and national wealth; other objects representing artistic, ancient, scientific, national and cultural values; issued by the competent commission of experts, their final answer to their non-exile from the Republic of Armenia Has given

5. Movies, video tape recorders, computerized disks, publications that will damage their repatriation from the Republic of Armenia to the public interest, as well as the rights of citizens.

6. Contents containing government secrets.

Some supplementary tips.

Generally, when you arrive in Armenia, unidentified and sometimes Iranian people come to you with various titles, including a translator, guide, etc. and offer you help; it is advisable not to trust them, and even the purpose of your travel Do not talk to them and always try to get in touch with the people and institutions that you have already been researching about and get enough information.

If you are planning to invest in Armenia, it is advisable to consult with representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran abroad and to keep track of your business through the official authorities in order to prevent losses and loss of your rights before taking any action with the representatives of the Islmic Republic of Iran. . You can also get help from our advisers based in Armenia.

Due to the knowledge of the Islamic Republic of Iran's representation in Armenia about Armenia's laws and regulations, if you have any trade problems with local citizens or local authorities, you can use the guidance and assistance of those agencies. Due to the increase in internet fraud by sending e-mail using the name of well-known companies, it is recommended that Iranian citizens respond to fake e-mails that you have been awarded a grand prize and will ask you to send a prize to receive a prize. Do not refuse to send it out or even to travel to a certain country.

Avoid bringing any combination drug (including caged syringe and pills) and non-prescription medications. Such drugs are considered as narcotic drugs in Armenia, and if they are accompanied by a doctor's dossier, this issue must be stated in writing by the Armenian Customs Service and received permission. Be very sensitive about it.

In the event of a conviction for smuggling of narcotics, two-thirds of the conviction is due and in special circumstances for a second-term term in the country. Drug laws are very strict and severe, followed by long convictions. For non-drug convicts, you can apply for forgiveness, but for those convicted of drugs, it is impossible to forgive amnesty.

To drive this country you must have a national certificate or an international certificate (I D P). (IDP) is an international driving license that holders will be able to drive without having to attend driving courses or take part in driving tests in more than 160 countries, as long as the license is valid as a valid document. Internationally, can determine and confirm the identity of its holder. He added that applicants for this type of certification can go to the IRI's Inspectorate of Internal Affairs by calling their credentials to Iran. (Required documents for obtaining international certification) - required documents and requirements for obtaining an international certificate Armenia's driving laws vary a little from Iran. Right traffic is generally not free. Left turning is also in accordance with the right of priority and traffic lights Identity and travel documents such as passports, birth certificates and more. . . Under no circumstances and under no circumstances to anonymous persons, as this will be your responsibility in case of any problem or misuse of such documents by any other person.

If you put your passport to a passenger company for travel, be sure to apply for your passport with the date of delivery of the passport.

Complete passports containing the holder's details, the visa sticker and the stamp of departure and arrival in the destination country should be kept securely and in isolation from the original passport, in order to provide the local authorities with the passport if the passport is missing. Stop the use of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

When entering the Armenian border, check that your passport has been sealed with Armenia. Even if the Armenian border police are negligent, the owner of the passport is accused of illegal travel by the Armenian authorities, the consequences of this If you are arrested by the police for any reason, immediately ask the authorities to inform the consular officer immediately on the basis of article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Affairs, and if you do not know the local language, sign it immediately. Do not refuse any documents.

In the course of centuries, Yerevan has repeatedly been turned over by the Ottomans and Iranians for their strategic importance. At the height of the wars between Iran and the Ottoman Empire in 1513-1737, the city was handed over 14 times. In 1604, under the command of Shah Abbas I, tens of thousands of Armenians migrated to the central regions of Iran, and as a result Yerevan became a city in which 80% of its inhabitants were Muslims, while the Armenian population remaining in the land did not reach 20%.

What you do not know about Armenia ...

In the course of centuries, Yerevan has repeatedly been turned over by the Ottomans and Iranians for their strategic importance. At the height of the wars between Iran and the Ottoman Empire in 1513-1737, the city was handed over 14 times. In 1604, under the command of Shah Abbas I, tens of thousands of Armenians migrated to the central regions of Iran, and as a result Yerevan became a city in which 80% of its inhabitants were Muslims, while the Armenian population remaining in the land did not reach 20%.

On June 7, 1679, a terrible earthquake struck Yerevan. During the Iran-Russia war, on October 1, 1827, the city of Yerevan was handed over to the Russian army, and in 1828, it was withdrawn from Iranians under the Turkmenchay-e-Kashman Treaty. With the capture of Yerevan by the Russians, many Armenians from Iran and Turkey returned to Yerevan and Armenians again regained the majority of the city's population.

In the 20th century AD Yerevan was a small town with a population of about 30,000. On May 26, 1919, the government approved the law establishing the State University of Yerevan. State University of Yerevan is located on the streets of Stafian or Abvian.

The Yerevan Urban Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1924. It was the first city in the Soviet empire to be approved by Urban Comprehensive Plan.

You are walking in the streets of Yerevan with interesting issues and laws that are interesting for Iranians of our kind.

You rarely see street clashes or even verbal conflicts.

You rarely see street clashes or even verbal conflicts.

Try to refrain from blurring people, especially ladies destitute.

Do not lie down on the seats located on the streets and on the grass in the parks.

Try not to pass through the streets, or if you do not encounter any serious police confrontation.

You deal with very drunk or poorly drunk people in Yerevan.

Do not smoke cigar in the rafters of the apartment and elevator.

Get rid of the garbage from the window or pouring rubbish plastics on the street is a very ugly and despicable cause for the host country

Do not be afraid to sing on the streets, do not waste time and try to be a good representative for Iran ...


The city of Yerevan is one of the three major cities of the South Caucasus, the Armenian capital and popular Armenians in the world. A city with more than 2800 years history on the slopes of Mount Ararat and on the banks of the river Herzadan. What was originally the castle of Arboni in the Urartu civilization, in the 1930s, the figure was changed and rebuilt, and today Yerevan is beautiful. With its strategic position, it has repeatedly been the battleground of the Ottomans, Persians and Russian emperors. From these battles, what came to Yerevan was the successive devastation that added natural disasters like the earthquake in the seventeenth century, which seamlessly united the city. Nevertheless, buildings from the ancient Erivan have survived to the present, which also reminds the stateliness of its people. During the Soviet era, the city was seriously restored. Based on the plans of Alexander Tmanian, the architect was a perfect city. The city center, though less developed on maps, is due to the style of the first Soviet style of architecture. In that land

The statue is located in the Victory Park, and overlooks all parts of the city of Yerevan. Underneath the statue is the Ministry of Defense Museum and the Lovers Park. The oldest Yerevan park, recently renovated in the style of the Japanese space and the Armenian spirit. Inpark usually has a music program and nightlife and many exhibitions

Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum was built in 1957, in which manuscripts are preserved. The entrance of the museum houses statues of philosophers, ancient scientists and artists.

Armenian Genocide Memorial

The memorial site of the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide was in 1915. It is located on the hill above the hill, which was built in 1968. The building consists of 2 parts, one part of which is 2 columns with a height of 44 meters, indicating the western and eastern Armenia, and unity Armenian, and the second part consists of 12 twisted stitches, representing the 12 western states in which the massacre has taken place, as well as the fire center in which the symbol of immortality is carved, and fire is always clear to the dead. . The Caraman World always commemorates these loved ones and commemorates the need for peaceful peace with other nations. In the museum, documentary documents - film-photos of the Armenian massacre have been gathered.

Opera House

One of the architectural sculptures of the city of Yerevan and Juzu is one of the 10 most popular opera houses in the world, the name of which is Aram Kachatorian (the first Armenian opera). It consists of two parts: the Western Hall of the Philharmonic Hall (Orchestra) The symphony (Aram Kachatorian) and the Oriental Hall of the Alexander Opera House (Alexander Spendiarian). It was designed and supervised directly by the famous architect Alexander Tamanian in 1931, and in 1936 at the Paris International Exhibition of Architecture received an Architectural Gold Medal And the first program to be implemented in 1932. The recent decades have become one of the tourist attraction centers. Many famous rumors travel to Armenia to perform music concerts in the Opera House and are well received. There are many recreational centers around the Opera Building, where all travelers use these facilities, especially during the summer.

The Gosgard is known as a thousand steps

Engineer ALEXANDER TAMANIAN After independence, Armenia presented a comprehensive plan for the city of Yerevan, which is one of the most important parts of the city, and was completed in 1970 under the supervision of the architect TOROSIAN. The city of Gassagad has the highest point in terms of height (downtown) (North of the city and the Victory Park), which has a 750-foot pitch, is thus well known for 1,000 steps. At the northernmost point of the city of Gosgade, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the victory of the Russians against the Nazi elements during the Second World War, a building was constructed in the center of There is a turret bearing a symbol of immortality on it. We have been practicing the garage for many years.

Marshal Bharramyan Street

It is one of the most important streets in the city of Yerevan, which ends on the east to the Opera and west to the baregamutiun square, named after one of the brave commanders of the Land Forces during the Second World War, Marshal Bharramyan. The importance of the construction of the historical and state monuments, including the Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and the seat of the President President of the Constitutional Court Embassies are the University of the Americas and others.

Hamalier (Sports Cultural Complex)

Is one of the most unique works of art in Armenia, created by Gurman Demirchian, secretary of the Communist Party of the Communist Party, and designed this eagle that wants to rise from the earth and open its wings. This large collection of venues for the implementation of international sports and entertainment competitions It is one of the most prominent features of the Pete Pathing (ice dance) series, which can be used throughout the year.

The big and open market of Vernissage

The big and open market of Vinnytsia Armenia is one of the most famous shopping centers in Armenia, which is welcomed by tourists and popular travelers. This market, which is the market for art and crafts, is open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) near the Republic Square. The market is starting to run on Saturday morning and Saturday until 5:00 pm. Different types of jewelry, silverware, paintings, handicrafts, antique items, books, and more are available here.

Yobean Blue Mosque

Yerevan is the only mosque in Armenia, built in the 18th century After the independence of Armenia in 1996, the Yerevan Kabud Mosque was rebuilt and now serves as a religious and cultural center specially for Iranians living in Armenia. The Kabul mosque has its main book in its cultural section, it is the organizer of the Persian language class, the Iranian film show and the exhibition of Iranian art samples for various occasions.

Address: Mayshtz St., opposite the Fruit Market and Tareh No. 1 / Yerevan

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is 60 km northeast of Yerevan and in the Gegharkunik province. The lake, which is the largest Caucasian lake and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, is located at a height of 1916 meters above sea level. The name Swan is derived from the root of the Urantia Siena and means the "land of the lakes." About 36 ounces sink into this lake and the only river that originates from Swan is the Herzadan River. From the walkways around this lake, the mineral spring of Dilijan and Shahrestani has the same name.

Valley of flowers

The Valley of Flowers is located 50 km northeast of Shahriraban in the mountain range. The characteristic feature of the place is the lush green nature that is sinking in the summer in beautiful greenery and in the winter, and it is also covered with a bunch of beauties and is a must-have for many recreational spells throughout the year. Valley of flowers includes sports complexes and a variety of restaurants and hotels. The ski resort has a length of 7 kilometers, and in July 2004 it has been renovated and added to the number of its stations. 4 large churches and 2 churches make up the church valley of flowers. The main church is the holy GRICOR, built in the year 1013. In the churchyard, the founder's tomb is GRICOR and the 12th and 13th century Crusaders, and there is the tomb of two Armenian kings who died in the Seljuk War.

Gregor Lusavorich Church

Gregor Lusavorich Church is one of the largest churches in Armenia, due to the various religious and religious practices that are used by the people. The construction of the Gregor Lusavorich Church of Yerevan was commissioned by Archbishop Zavon I in 1980 on the occasion of the 180th anniversary. Christianity began and was launched in 2001, but in 2000, the Archbishop of Lusavorich the Holy Archipelago was brought to the church by the Archbishop of Garmon II of the Vatican, and is now in the position opposite the main church. In the construction of the Church of Gregorus Lusavourich in Armenia G·hay Dov applied and under the column had been gold bullion. The bells are located in the eastern part of the church, and in the lower part of the church there is a library and a collection of memorable Grykklosavour (enlightener) from the Armenian leaders and a library. The Armenian Church of St. Gregory is one of the largest Armenian church in the Kentron district of Yerevan. It is dedicated to the church of 3822 square meters, 54 meters high, which is the symbol of the thousandth and seventh anniversary of the declaration of Christianity as the official religion of the country of Armenia in September 2001.

Ajmiazine religious city

It is located 25 km west of Yerevan and is currently the fourth largest Armenian city. The Armenian clerical center and the Archbishop's meeting place. The Ajmayazin city was built from the 3rd and 4th centuries BC and was called Astraashabat, which was then the capital of Armenia. The fourth century AD is considered the most important city. Armenia is the oldest Christian country in the world, which has been well known for its recognition of the Christian religion of the country, including the prosperity of the cities and the emergence of the Armenian line, etc. During the reign of Shah Abbas, the Ulema and Armenian ministers resided Iran had decided to return to Armenia. Shah Abbas decides to stop the exodus of the country from the country to bring the stone stone of the Ajmayzyn Church to Iran and to take this picture of Shah Abbas on the wall. Finally, Shah Abbas, with his own image of the work, is dissuaded from this work and decides to build a church with the same form and architecture as the Isfahan, which remains until now, and the center of the clergy in Isfahan. The founder of the Ajmayzyn Church is the Holy Gregorians.

Garni Temple

The castle Garni's history dates back to Hayek, a nun, called the Garnik Grandson (Hayek). Garni Gardens are located 28 kilometers southeast of Yerevan, and are in the province of Kotayk. This region has unique natural climate conditions in Armenia, which is the hometown of kings of various ages.

Ggarat Church

Geghart Church means bayonet, located 35 km south-east of Yerevan on the eastern shore of the Azad River, located in the historical Geghart Valley. This building was built for different times and consists of two main parts. In the early 13th century, the area was one of the special properties of the Zakeriyah family. It is noteworthy that the Zakiryan family was one of the most successful families in the history of Armenia, built on the orders of the exterior church in 1215. Later, the Processionists purchased this property for Zakharan Zakrian and gave the interior chair to a paternal master. By the end of the thirteenth century, they built an inner church that consisted of three main parts, one of which was the fortress of the Prohisian dynasty. The construction of the inner church, which was built around the cliff The existence has lasted for 10 years (1350-1340).

Gugar is a type of spear, which has a wooden base with a flat iron plain on it. This spear comes back to the time when Jesus Christ was crucified and, by dipping this spear in their body, they wanted to make sure that Jesus Christ Is dead ...


   Germok "is described as" Gram "in Persian as a city that is famous for its mineral water, as well as its racing competitions. This city is located in the south of Armenia near the Iranian border.        

Dalma Shopping Center

  Dalma Shopping Center in Yerevan is one of the most beautiful shopping malls in Armenia. The finest garment brands along with the beautiful Kerty Fright in an unsurpassed space with the architecture of the day        

Rossia Shopping Center

  Rossiya Mall Shopping Center opened in the center of the city of Yerevan. This shopping center is accessible to the metro and is located near the Andranik Zoravar station.  

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