Exploring and identifying target markets

The exhibition is in fact one of the marketing tools that should be put into the export of the country. The main goal of the exhibition is to provide a sample of goods and capabilities of companies to foreign consumers, to taste and to recognize the culture of consumption and to find buyers, sales representatives or It is a business partner to conclude long-term contracts for direct exports.

In brief, the objectives of the exhibition are:

- Identification of industrialists and Iranian manufacturers and companies in various fields throughout the country and aware of the production potential and quality of goods supply and development of export of goods in different countries.

-Definition and assessment of the ability of Iranian companies to attend international exhibitions and markets and take supportive and encouraging policies from domestic producers.

- Identify domestic producers with international standards and standards for the production and export of goods, and promote the quantitative and qualitative level of products in compliance with the laws and standards of

- The exchange of technical and commercial information and the development of trade exchanges to develop economic exchanges and compare domestic artifacts with foreign products for qualitative and economic growth and healthy competition.

- Creating a favorable context for introducing the latest industrial and technological phenomena

- Establishing the necessary facilities for the growth of various economic sectors through national and international cooperation

- Provide favorable conditions for the display of non-oil export goods for the growth and development of exports of such commodities

- An exhibition of foreign investment attraction policies through active participation of economic sectors in the exhibitions

- Creating an appropriate atmosphere for joint investment projects in different economic sectors

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